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Hi All!
I've been a member of several HDM communities for awhile, but never posted to introduce myself or anything yet. I'm Caitlin, and I read these books this year, in ninth grade. I actually heard about the books when I was in, like, fourth grade, but didn't get around to reading them until then. I absolutely adore them, and have read each three times so far. Three out of three of my closest pals from school are also hooked on HDM.
Now, I'm not really into RPG's, but I think it might be fun to start one on LJ for hDM. Is there already one, and, if there isn't, how many of you would be interested in my making a community for it? The members could comment with the character they wanted, and I would okay it. Then they could make a journal for that character, add the other characters, and all that stuff. Then, like, every two weeks we could write a chapter from our character's point of view, in installments or whatever. It'd be lots of fun, I think!
Let me know what you think...Thanks a lot!
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